Community Value

  • Benchmark 1
    Digital literacy
  • Benchmark 2
    Digital tools and resources
  • Benchmark 3
    Meeting key community needs

Engaging the Community

  • Benchmark 4
    Strategy and evaluation
  • Benchmark 5
    Strategic partnerships
  • Benchmark 6
    Sharing best practices

Organizational Management

  • Benchmark 7
    Planning and policies
  • Benchmark 8
    Staff expertise
  • Benchmark 9
    Devices and bandwidth
  • Benchmark 10
    Technology management
  • Benchmark 11
    Technology inclusiveness


Edge was developed with an understanding of the challenges libraries face today. Technology demands and challenges are different for every library, just as each community has unique needs and demographics. Through completing the Edge Assessment, libraries evaluate their current services and identify opportunities for improvement. The Edge Assessment evaluates the library’s public technology services. Through the assessment tool, libraries understand best practices in technology-related services for their communities and determine what steps they need to take to improve their public technology programming.

The Edge Benchmarks are divided into three strategic areas:

Community Value Benchmarks 1 - 3
Libraries provide programs and services that enable people to get value from their use of technology.
Engaging the Community Benchmarks 4 - 6
Libraries are a valuable community resource and a strategic partner in helping people and communities improve their quality of life.
Organizational Management Benchmarks 7 - 11
Libraries manage resources so that members of the community who need or want access can get it regardless of ability, skill, personal technology, or available time.

Each category has benchmarks for specific practices. Success on each benchmark is determined by a set of indicators that provide information about the library's progress. By working through the assessment, a library sees, on different levels, an overview of current programs, where services are effective, and where improvements can be made. As a result of the benchmarking activity, Edge provides libraries with a suite of tools as well as training to put strategies into action.